Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Samwise back in action!

Helloooo! sorry for the late update...been buzy this fews this is the latest update, check it out! (^___^)

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From the bottom:
The Broken Star of Coallus (USA)
Robots Will Kill Kill Kill! (USA)
Lovely Cat of Zbigniewkot from 0700 family (Poland)
Samwise ! (Malaysia)
Olive 47 (USA)
Ebliss with the mutant face (Malaysia!!!)
Cute Crimes Crew get ready for braces (Minneapolis)
The mighty Guerilla Warfare (California)

Pic courtesy by Eblizz yang baik!

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Persiaran Perbandaran, Shah Alam, Malaysia
From top: Samwise +Ebliss + Dipz(singapore) & Mjoyce(uk)

Pic courtesy by Rooty

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My Black Book, some of my Stickers collection from local n oversea.

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